The Literature Express / Georgian Fiction

GEL 15.9
2021 / 304 გვ. / 304 pages / 13.00 X 19.50
GEL 15.9

დეტალური აღწერა:

სულაკაურის გამომცემლობა

ლაშა ბუღაძე

The novel is about literature and writers, more precisely, about unknown and mediocre authors travelling together. A literary association has invited authors of various nationalities to a seminar and the narrative follows their train journey through Europe on the Literature Express, a train specially chartered for the occasion.

The novel describes the self-absorption of the authors and their inability to communicate with one another. They are portrayed as inward-looking and largely disinterested in their fellow travelers’ work. The novel is therefore a reflection on literature and the unsuccessful author.

The main character of the story is a Georgian author. At the heart of the novel lies the love story between him and his Polish translator’s wife. However, their romance is as unsuccessful as the protagonist’s attempts at literary success. At the end of the fascinating voyage through Europe, we find out that all authors participating in the seminar are writing their new books on the Literature Express. Let’s see how the Georgian author will fare.


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