BMW art cars

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2014 / მთარგმნ. / ყდა: Hardcover / 200 გვ. / 24.5 x 28.
GEL 75
ძველი ფასი
GEL 100

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Hatje Cantz Verlag

Domingo Rivero Arencibia, Iria Candela, Thomas Girst, Silke Hohmann, Eva Karcher, Claudia Lanfranconi, Ulrich Lehmann, Jürgen Lewandowski, Carl Gustav Magnusson, Fumio Nanjo

Twelve years after the first Benz patent motorcar Number 1 made its first journey in July 1886, a car raced across the image in Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's lithograph, The Automobilist. La 628-E8, a novel named after the license plate number of its author, Octave Mirbeau, was published in the early twentieth century. In his Futurist manifesto, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti rated the beauty of a racecar's revving engine and speed higher than the aesthetics of the Nike of Samothrace. Ever since its invention, artists have been examining the automobile, and the BMW Art Cars have played a central role here. Alexander Calder's BMW 3.0 CSL from 1975 was the first in a series brought to life by Herve Poulain, lover of auto racing and works of art, in collaboration with BMW's head of motorsports, Jochen Neerpasch. Seventeen artists have since designed BMW models, and the "rolling sculptures" have not only proved themselves in museums, but also on the race track at Le Mans. (German edition ISBN 978-3-7757-3344-1; French edition ISBN 978-3-7757-3345-8) Artists featured (selection): Alexander Calder, Sandro Chia, Ken Done, Olafur Eliasson, Ernst Fuchs, David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, Michael Jagamara Nelson, Matazo Kayama, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Esther Mahlangu, Cesar Manrique, A.R.Penck, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, Andy Warhol